T  E  R  R  A  D  R  Y  A

B a s i c   i r r i g a t i o n

Irrigation pottery to be buried

A terradrya is a jar filled with water. 

It buries itself at the foot of the tree, the shrub, in the the flowered massif or in the kitchen garden...

It's therfore easy to use. Terradrya watering is the most ecological and efficient irrigation system to date.

This watering system was already used 4000 years ago by our ancestors, and it find all its meaning of use today because:

  • It's a natural product 100% ecological.

  • It allows 75% water savings

  • 100% of the water poured is used to be drunk by the plant

  • Roots irrigation system (Thus less weeds and little disease  development)

  • Finished water stress: water is distributed by capillarity according to the moisture content from the ground, so the needs of the plant.


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T H E  W A T E R

The most valuable element of the earth

The blue planet is mostly that of the oceans and the water is salty. Therefore alle purewaters only correspond to 3%... Glaciers and eternal snows constitute more than 2% of the totality of this water. As a result, avalaible freshwater represents less than 1% of all water in the Earth. Terradryas  therefore participate in the presevation of pure water.


Simply open the lid, fill it and close the lid.


Thanks to its porosity, clay releases water into the ground directly to roots.


Better plants and preserved water. The planet, nature and your wallet say thank you.

Le rendement de l'eau est décuplé.

S O C I A L  N E T W O R K

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The basic watering solution